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The New You takes advantage of the best that technology has to offer while targeting a balanced lifestyle that knows when to unplug.  The New You simplifies and adopts only those things that reduce complexity and stress.  Better living through balance and mindful technology choices.

At NuYoo we review and analyze technologies and then make recommendations - not just about which technologies to consider, but How to Apply them - and of course which ones to avoid.

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TWITTER     Twitter is a form of social network that allows a user to write a small (140 character) string of text, Instant Messaging (IM) style, a "tweet" in Twitter lingo.  When you select "Update" your string [message/text/tweet] is sent - or more accurately - posted.  Anyone who has singed up to "follow" you has in effect elected to subscribe to your tweets and will then see your tweet pop up on the top of a scrolling list of tweets that they receive from everyone they are following.

Interestingly, Twitter tweets are a one way, one person to many readers[subscribers or followers].  People who are following you can reply - but a reply is neither expected nor common.  Quick and easy to write, tweets can be informal daily status updates (what are you doing now?) and also can be used to communicate work related blurbs of information.  It is easy also to use TinyURL to include links in a tweet.  These links of course can reference sites with much more information.  

While sock-puppeting is not considered acceptable in most cases, many have found that more than one Twitter account is appropriate.  Some for example may have one for work, one for family and one for friends.

Signing up for an account takes all of 2 minutes and requires only a name and email account (valid and unique).

For more information, see www.Twitter.com.